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Wake up call for banks: there's a new budget to be spent

Posted by Mathys Heytens on 08/11/18 10:34
Mathys Heytens

Today’s technology is forcing banks to a new way of thinking. With mobile devices changing our everyday lives, customer relationship is radically moving away from the classical methods of communication. This forces banks to assess its mobile and customer experience strategy.

Moreover, there are new business opportunities for banks that haven’t been covered yet. A new envelope pops up now that people become more and more aware of the environmental issues that congested cities bring along. We are beginning to realize the expensive cost of owning a car. Especially when it’s collecting dust at overpriced parking lots. Time to let go of the so-called symbol of freedom. It seems even though, that the reign of ownership is gradually shifting towards a dynasty of usership. But people also want to make use of hassle-free and flexible mobility solutions instead. An indisputable paradigm that calls for further investigation.

Seems like a new piggy bank is popping up for banks...

Offer tailor-made mobility packages

This evolution, however, could be the ideal time to launch a digital solution to address customers with accessible, tailor-made mobility packages. Clients would not only benefit from this customer-centric approach, but would also feel a closer connection with their bank. Imagine parents who could manage a mobility budget for both their kids, who daily take the bus to school, and themselves, so they could rent a car in the weekend to go shopping or paying a visit to the grandparents.

With a Mobility-as-a-Service solution, you could serve different customers with:

  • Providing the most relevant mobility services for their needs.
  • Guiding them in their mobility decisions.
  • Monitoring their mobility expenses through the same mobility gateway.

The time is now

Make no mistake: this trend towards new mobility use is already under way. With company cars under pressure, alternative mobility plans popping up, and flexible working offers … people yearn for flexible mobility solutions. Banks could make their offer future-proof by also becoming a mobility provider, offering multi-mobility solutions to both businesses and private individuals. 

Curious about offering multi-mobility solutions in the banking sector? 

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