Insights in the future of mobility

Why MaaS would benefit from a public-private partnership

Posted by Mathys Heytens on 09/11/18 15:08
MaaS might still be a young kid on the block, it has the gigantic potential of changing our mobility behavior in a more sustainable way. Let's join forces!
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Topics: MaaS, City & Government

Wake up call for banks: there's a new budget to be spent

Posted by Mathys Heytens on 08/11/18 10:34

Today’s technology is forcing banks to a new way of thinking. With mobile devices changing our everyday lives, customer relationship is radically moving away from the classical methods of communication. This forces banks to assess its mobile and customer experience strategy.

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Topics: banking, MaaS

How the future of MaaS is more than just driverless cars

Posted by Mathys Heytens on 29/10/18 12:02
So people say driverless cars are the future of mobility? Think again. As the MaaS-market is steadily taking off, you'd better be sure to be aboard.
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How MaaS isn't so different from the vegan industry

Posted by Mathys Heytens on 09/10/18 11:48
Why is it so difficult for us to welcome buzzwords like mobility budget, cash4cars and MaaS? Looks like veganism goes through a similar process.
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Meet MaaS, the smartest way of consuming transport

Posted by Mathys Heytens on 09/08/18 11:17
MaaS offers consumers and commuters the ultimate freedom to travel the way they want. Discover how this philosophy could be a huge benefit to your business.
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Is the reign of King Car coming to an end?

Posted by Mathys Heytens on 02/08/18 11:40
Fully embracing the MaaS concept is learning to let go.The road towards full usership is still a long way ahead of us. However, there are ways to lower the threshold...
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Topics: MaaS, Fleet Management