Insights in the future of mobility

Is the reign of King Car coming to an end?

Posted by Mathys Heytens on 02/08/18 11:40
Fully embracing the MaaS concept is learning to let go.The road towards full usership is still a long way ahead of us. However, there are ways to lower the threshold...
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Topics: MaaS, Fleet Management

5 challenges for the European fleet sector

Posted by Kara Roggeman on 27/07/18 13:40
Although the European car market is on a roll, with 15,5 million cars sold last year at a European level, there seems to be some dirty looking clouds in the fleet sky.
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Watch out for MaaS, the elephant in the room!

Posted by Mathys Heytens on 23/07/18 13:46
Want to both tackle current and future fleet needs? Then your ultimate recipe should include a hint of MaaS to get to your one-stop-shop.
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Topics: Fleet Management, MaaS

Digital disruption in mobility land: turning threats into opportunities

Posted by Mathys Heytens on 02/07/18 13:50
When it comes to car parks, the leasing industry is facing serious changes. Time to broaden the (MaaS) minds.
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