Insights in the future of mobility

Why MaaS would benefit from a public-private partnership

Posted by Mathys Heytens on 09/11/18 15:08
MaaS might still be a young kid on the block, it has the gigantic potential of changing our mobility behavior in a more sustainable way. Let's join forces!
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Topics: MaaS, City & Government

Wake up call for banks: there's a new budget to spend

Posted by Kara Roggeman on 08/11/18 10:34
Due to a rapidly changing mobility & technology environment, a new piggy bank pops up. No time to waste!
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Topics: banking, MaaS

3 reasons why cities & governments should embrace MaaS

Posted by Mathys Heytens on 30/10/18 14:37
People want to make cities more livable, and many believe this means: making them less vehicle-centric.
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Topics: City & Government

How the future of MaaS is more than just driverless cars

Posted by Mathys Heytens on 29/10/18 12:02
So people say driverless cars are the future of mobility? Think again. As the MaaS-market is steadily taking off, you'd better be sure to be aboard.
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What's next? The road towards filling stations 3.0

Posted by Kara Roggeman on 17/10/18 09:28
Filling stations are gradually becoming service centers. MaaS offers an opportunity by instigating the virtual expansion of these physical service hubs.
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Topics: Oil & Energy

How MaaS isn't so different from the vegan industry

Posted by Mathys Heytens on 09/10/18 11:48
Why is it so difficult for us to welcome buzzwords like mobility budget, cash4cars and MaaS? Looks like veganism goes through a similar process.
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