Insights in the future of mobility

How future petrol stations can add more value to everyday life

Posted by Optimile on 28/08/18 14:41

There is no doubt that the fuel industry is facing major changes in the near future. Demand for petrol is slowly but surely dropping because consumers’ desires are shifting away from what they once were

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Topics: Oil & Energy

Veganism meets MaaS: A tasty prospect

Posted by Optimile on 23/08/18 11:37
How MaaS isn't so different from the vegan industry

Belgians don't seem to want to leave their (company) car behind and choose MaaS (Mobility as a Service) instead. That’s what recent research has shown us. Admittedly, there are plenty of legal and political issues throwing a spanner in the works. In general, however, Belgians don't really welcome buzzwords like mobility budget, cash4cars and MaaS.

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Why MaaS would benefit from a public-private partnership

Posted by Optimile on 20/08/18 15:55

It took a while before disruptive players like Uber, that fiercely force their place onto the mobility market, received a big punch in the face by the regulation hammer. Looks like things should first get out of hand before someone intervenes. “But now they make it so hard to be smart” is an often a recurring criticism from the private side. This absence of trust vibe makes it hard to offer a comprehensive MaaS solution for end-users. However, we must join forces if we want to deliver an impeccable service.

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3 reasons why cities & governments should embrace MaaS

Posted by Optimile on 14/08/18 13:59

People want to make cities more livable, and many believe this means: making them less vehicle-centric. Despite some growing pains, MaaS offers a great solution to this alternative way of thinking. Moreover, it even offers a model that most people already have used before.

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Topics: City & Government

Meet MaaS, the smartest way of consuming transport

Posted by Optimile on 09/08/18 12:07

According to numbers from the Belgian statistical office Statbel, an average Belgian household spends 12 % of its budget on transport. This means 340 euros per month to get from point A to point B. For some, that cost is sunk into their bus subscription. But for the most, the car absorbs the biggest part of the transport expenditure. Kind of an expensive affair, when you consider the lost time spent in traffic jams. Isn’t there a smarter way to trackle transport? Yes, it’s called MaaS and we haven’t seen the best of it yet!

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Wake up call for banks: there's a new budget to spend

Posted by Optimile on 06/08/18 08:42

Today’s technology is forcing banks to a new way of thinking. With mobile devices changing our everyday lives, customer relationship is radically moving away from the classical methods of communication. This forces banks to assess its mobile and customer experience strategy.

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Topics: Banking/Insurance

Is the reign of King Car coming to an end?

Posted by Optimile on 02/08/18 17:21

Fully embracing the MaaS concept is learning to let go. Shouting to get rid of personal cars, scooters or bikes from one day to the next might just be a bit too drastic. Rather try to lower the threshold and give users a taste of how MaaS could change everyday lives; to ‘savour’ the experience of usership instead of ownership.

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Topics: MaaS, Fleet Management, Leasing

5 challenges for the European fleet sector

Posted by Optimile on 27/07/18 15:02

Although the European car market is on a roll, with 15,5 million cars sold last year at a European level, there seems to be some dirty looking clouds in the fleet sky. Buckle up, cause we are going to race you through the upcoming trends you should consider to stay in the driver's seat!

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Topics: Leasing, Fleet Management

Watch out for MaaS, the elephant in the room!

Posted by Optimile on 23/07/18 09:45


How leasing companies can stay relevant in the changing mobility world

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The hunt for more pieces out of a smaller pie

Posted by Optimile on 19/07/18 17:16

How less turnover and more players are threatening the oil & gas industry

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